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Shelle Lindholm

Shelle's studio is nestled at the edge of the woods, not far from Kalispell, Montana.  Direct observation of wildlife provides her with plenty of inspiration.  She's seen fox flirting on snow banks, deer playing rowdy games of tag in the meadow and heard coyotes having late night yodeling fests up on the hill.

She paints the spirit and spunk she sees in animals as they root, romp and rest just outside her studio door.

Her primitive painting style has developed through years of exploring the versatile medium of acrylics.  She usually has a simple sketch and a list of colors gleaned from local surroundings. Acrylics are layered.  Wax is sandwiched in between.  Excavation of layers is done by scraping and sanding.  Colors merge.  Shapes appear.  Rock like textures surface.  Compositions are honed through various techniques such as masking, taping or etching into wet paint.  A satiny patina of hand rubbed paste wax creates a durable finish to the piece.

Recent influences on her work include vintage Mexican pottery and textiles.  As a result her earthy Montana colors have brightened.  Animal forms are exaggerated and embellished to create a sense of myth and mirth.

Her paintings reflect the rugged elegance of the West and express the enchanting pleasures of living here.

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