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Linda Tippetts

  Linda Tippetts nurtured her kinship with the land as a child in Montana’s rural Sun River Valley.  Her life encompassed an endless landscape of wheat fields, the Rocky Mountain Front, and horizons limited only by the boundaries of her imagination.  And those horizons expanded as the phrase “en plein aire” captured Tippetts and her brushes, taking them from the tranquil Montana countryside to Europe, China, ALaska and the western United States.

  "I’ve been influenced by every good piece of art I have ever studied or looked at or just enjoyed.  Doing that sort of thing makes you reach.  But you have to remember that it’s the experience of painting the piece that counts, not the result.  If you overcome the obvious subject and pain the snowstorm instead of the snow, the shocking red instead of the poppies, paint the calm instead of the water, you will come closer to the mark.”

  Driven by her passion for painting, Tippetts is an intrepid artist who makes no pretense but to celebrate the splendid light and the stunning and diverse landscape that is our heritage.  She continues to present this mosaic of life to the world

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