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Kim Michels

Kim Michels is an award winning photographer who lives in the Red Lodge area of Montana. Primarily self taught, she has also studied with some of the country’s top photographers.  Kim specializes in wild horse photography, as well as capturing the open skies and beautiful landscapes of Montana.

Artist Statement

I have always had a love for animals, but there’s something about wild horses that makes my soul soar. The telling curve of their ears. Inquisitive eyes. The contouring lines of their brawny stature; a beauty so intriguing it leaves me longing for more.

I have found heaven on Earth in the Pryor Mountains of Montana. My senses dilate on the mountain top meadows. The smell of Limber Pines. Mountain top rainbows after a summer rain. The splashing fun of the waterhole on a hot summer day. New born foals nap and romp in the soft cushion of Lupine. The sound of thundering hooves as battling stallions scream with fierce intimidation.

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