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Dana Berardinis

"While growing up in a rural mid-western town, I preferred to spend my time in the fields and woods.  Captured by the tones and textures of what I saw there, I would draw the trees and cornfields of my home.  I would bring back collections of bark, corn husk and bones to reference and apply to my creations.

In 2004, I received a degree in fine art from the Cleveland institue of Art.  Upon graduating, I was eager to continue my explorations.  My journey led me westward to a place where I could paint freely without interruptions.  Here in Montana, I find again, paths to the ever present tones and textures of the natural palette.  I memorize what I see and make drawings as I explore the vast wilderness.

I find spontaneity and freedom in the power of nature, which inspires me in the creation of my work.  I experience painting the way I do the landscape.  It holds the same quietness the same search.  Through the layering of paint and materials, I begin to find continuity with what I've discovered in nature.  I begin a new journey through each painting.  Most of the time, I am searching for answers I can only come so close to understanding.  I find something indescribable in nature that is nevermade completely clear in the form of language, which creates my need to paint."


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