A Look into the Winter Break at Latigo & Lace

Each winter, we close the doors at Latigo & Lace for a couple of months. And while some folks may wonder why, it's because this shop needs a winter nap. Not because we like to hibernate, but because it offers us a prime time to inventory the entire shop, give it a deep clean, upgrade our computer system and of course, soak up extra moments with our family.  

The first project we do each January is inventory. This year, we had a crew of eight - including Tina Freeman, Erin Tracy, Cindy Nelson, Lynn Langlois, Kelly Peacock and Jeanine Page - and over the course of 1.5 days, we inventoried 12,151 items. 

After the first part of our inventory process is complete, the next phase of this project is to go through 1,146 pages of inventory to make sure that our count for our consignor-provided inventory is accurate. You can imagine how big this part of our job is, as we work with 404 different artists, artisans and authors. 

A peek at our 1,146 pages of inventory. 

Our dog Chester, keeping me company as I go through inventory. 

Our girl, Payton, helping me get our big mailing in order to our consignors. 

We hope you've enjoyed this peek into what's going on behind the scenes during our shop's winter nap. In the meantime, you can still shop Latigo & Lace on our website here